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The Syrian conflict has brought hardship to countless people in countless ways but for the youth, it has often mean the end of their hopes and ambitions. For many, education is no longer an option; the few schools that remain are dangerous to attend and are lacking in teachers and resources. Even for those who have completed their schooling, the conflict has left little opportunity for them to find work and apply their skills.

In Eastern Ghouta however, a besieged area on the outskirts of Damascus, a group of young people are determined to overcome this situation. Unable to finish their degree due to the war, 5 former IT university engineering students have set about establishing an online, freelance software company.

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Recognising the growing market for ICT products and services, and witnessing the expansion of freelancing platforms, the young team plan to offer website development and software solutions remotely to companies around the world at competitive prices. With this company, the team has the potential to alleviate the harshness of the siege and bring an influx of employment opportunities and money into the community. With program officers, dedicated software developers, a financial officer and a PR/Marketing coordinator, the business plan is in place and ready to go.

The firm aims to develop 50 websites over two years, create 15 custom WordPress themes, develop Android applications and supply tailor-made programs according to customer specifications. Now, like any promising young entrepreneurial start-up, they are looking for initial capital.

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The project needs approximately $10,000 for implementation, with the money covering the necessary equipment costs such as laptops, internet, and office supplies.

With your support, this young team will be able to develop and apply their talents, overcome challenges posed by the conflict, and hopefully act as a positive example for their peers and community to emulate.

For those that donate, the team is to design cost-free websites and name you as a sponsor on their company website.

March 2018 Update

After the evacuation in Eastern Ghouta in March 2018, two of the members of Nawat moved to Idlib, three of them stayed in Eastern Ghouta and cannot proceed to work for this project. However, the two remaining team members will continue to realise their project and need your support.


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Created Jun 09, 2017

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