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  Skills Under Siege

 Together with the help of the global community, we’re supporting grassroots projects in Syria to improve livelihoods and build resilience.

Skills Under Siege is a crowdfunding platform from Roia with a difference. We work with Syrian communities, entrepreneurs and innovators at the grassroots level to make a real impact in improving livelihoods.

 Skill Under Siege works in 4 simple steps:

We identify local projects with genuine potential 

Either on the ground or online, we invite project owners to share their ideas with us. These ideas are assessed by our steering committee, which is made up of a diverse and impartial group of experts.

We stringently vet projects for their suitability

Once a project has been shortlisted by the steering committee, we use our network of associates inside Syria to vet potential projects. Making sure that projects will be transparent and effective is of the utmost importance to us, and we continue to monitor the project over its lifecycle.

We work with project owners to share their stories

The people in Syria working to improve their communities rarely get to share their stories. Too often we forget that in the conflict and siege, it is actually real people living day-by-day. Our dedicated media team works with project owners so they can tell their stories to the world. We track the progress of the project with stories, interviews, videos and photos so the international community can see the impact being made. 

We connect local projects to the global community

The website itself serves to share these projects with concerned, active and generous people all around the world. Together with your help and support, we can break through the siege and make a difference.

 Mission Partners

 Working together to make a difference

Skills Under Siege is an initiative from Roia in partnership with Expertise France, supported with funds from the UK Department for International Development.



Roia Organization

Roia is an independent non-profit organisation harnessing the power of information and communications technology to improve the lives of those living in the most difficult circumstances.



Expertise France

Expertise France is the French public agency for international technical assistance. The mission of Expertise France is in line with French co-operation, development aid, and economic diplomacy policies. The agency promotes French public expertise with a view to building public policies meeting the institutional, economic, demographic, social and environmental challenges of partner countries. 


uk aid

Uk Aid from the Department for International Development 

The Department for International Development is the government department responsible for administering the overseas aid of the United Kingdom. Its goal is to promote sustainable development and eliminate world poverty.